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NEW! Grunt Boxing (7-9 yrs)


What is the definition of a Grunt?

 A grunt is someone who does extremely hard tasks and training to the best of their ability, under incredibly trying circumstances, without complaining about their situation.  They love the hardest work and do it with pride!


Grunts is a 1  hour program designed for boxers aged 7 - 9 years. Our Boxers will learn the basics of boxing and boxing conditioning.   Grunts learn to move around the ring with speed and grace, and to avoid or deliver punches.   Mental sharpness and strategy are as important as speed and strength, and trained young boxers use their brains as much as they use their protected fists. Boxing can be challenging, exciting and rewarding, and can lead to confidence, pride, and full physical fitness.

Grunt Boxing classes are held every Tues and Thurs. from 5-6pm.

Grunt Boxing classes begin April 15th 2024.  Call now to schedule your visit and and rookie classs. REGISTRATION 



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