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Will of the Warrior Program (A 501c3 Non Profit)


The Will of the Warrior Program is dedicated to assist disabled veterans and disabled first responders to recover both mentally and physically from their missions utilizing the sweet science of Boxing.


Our program guides each Warrior to gain the 3 most important elements of all champion boxers, a healthy body, mind and spirit. This is achieved through the use of heavy bag and mitt work, balance techniques, core building, conditioning workouts, nutritional guidance, and confidence building.


We also know first hand that transitioning to civilian life and work is difficult therefore if a Warrior shows a desire to pursue a career as a boxing coach or fitness instructor, Will of the Warrior will give them the opportunity to do so by helping to fund study materials and exam costs and provide a safe environment for training and learning.


Each Warrior has the will,

we simply guide them to find their way.



Please donate to help support this program and its mission.  Thank you.

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