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  • Are there any start-up fees?

    • There are never any start-up fees.  We pride ourselves on not being sneaky with our pricing.


  • Do I have to spar in the ring with another boxer?

    • That is totally up to you.  Individuals choose boxing for different reasons.  Some want to get in shape, some want to learn how to box, some want to lose weight, while others want to condition their bodies or clear their minds.  Whatever your reason, you will never be forced to spar.  If you do chose to spar, we will ensure you are safely and properly prepared for it.  


  • Can women and men train together?

    • Absolutely.  We encourage it especially while hitting the heavy bags or during mitt training.  When Vitalijs and I were early in our training we felt comfortable training together, so we did and it was encouraging for each of us.  We even sparred together at times!


  • What type of gear is needed for training?

    • Gloves

    • Handwraps

    • Boxing shoes

    • Towel

    • Water bottle 


  • Do I have to have my own gear to box at the club?

    • Gloves.  We do provide gloves and protective gear (if neccessary) for boxers to use at the club.   However we encourage individuals to eventually purchase their own gloves.   

    • Handwraps.  We will have handwraps available for purchase and dependent on the program you sign up for, they may be initially provided.

    • Shoes.  You may box in sports shoes, however we do encourage individuals to purchase a real pair of boxing  shoes if they plan on continuous training or especially if they want to train in the ring.


  • I have never boxed in my life, will this hinder my learning with the group?  

    • Absolutely not.  The wonderful thing about boxing is that you can train at your pace and level (even with the class).   We will always be available for questions, assistance, and encouragement. 


  • Do I have to pay for the mandatory beginner class prior to signing up and joining a group class?

    • No.  We provide the mandatory class free of charge.  This "Rookie" class to take/record measurements, learn your goals, show you the basic punches and footwork, learn how to wrap your hands properly and to answer any questions you may have.  Once this class is completed, you can join any of our regular classes.


  • If  I go on vacation, will I lose that missed class time?  

    • If you talk to us prior to your vacation and let us know the time period you will be gone, we will allow you to make that missed class time up at the end of your original contract.  We are a family owned business so we know how important vacations are.  


  • Can I immediately spar once I sign up?

    • Unless you are an amateur or professional boxer, you will have to train at least 2 months prior to entering the ring to spar.  This is to ensure you have taken the time to train for and understand the responsibility that goes with sparring.  Sparring at Warriors' Call Boxing Club is to learn and enhance your boxing skills,  not to get beat down.  All sessions are closely watched by our trainers and directed. When sparring is properly done in the correct environment, it can be exciting and safe.


  • Do I have to pay extra to spar?

    • If you are signed up for monthly classes, sparring is not extra.

    • However every warrior who wants to spar is required to become a USA Boxing Athlete (Boxer).  There is a $67 fee to register and you will also be required to provide 2 passport photos for your USA Boxing Passbook.  You will self register on-line and provide to us a copy of your membership card 

    • Boxing shoes are also required.    


  • I have been to other boxing clubs and many seem unsanitary.  Is this club different? 

    • Oh yeah!  One of several reasons that we created Warriors' Call Boxing was due to our lack in finding sanitary conditions in many of the boxing clubs we trained in.  Our hardwood and rubber flooring replaces the normal carpeting you might find in other clubs.  Carpeting collects and holds germs and  in some cases causes respiratory issues from spores that may enter the airways.  

    • Our club is sanitized daily.  We spray each glove and wipe all equipment down utilizing odor aid equipment disinfectant and/or bleach.  Our floors are also disinfected on a regular basis.  This helps to fight viruses, bacteria, and fungi to prevent the spread of certain illneses and diseases.  



Mon - Fri:  6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday:   10am - noon

Sunday:     Closed 

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