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The Miracle of Boxing


11 September 2001 was a day in history that none will ever forget. A young Airman along with thousands of troops deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  She returned to the U.S. only to redeploy several times.


In 2003 she  deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, which was one of the harshest deployments, filled with rocket propelled grenade and mortar attacks, unexploded ordinances and unknown enemies. Added to the mix were burn pits which produced unknown toxic smoke that was breathed in on a daily basis. Physical injuries were abundant to include traumatic brain injuries. Death was not unknown to most.


Upon return, it was not hard to notice the changes in many of the troops' personalities.  She noticed a difference in herself too, but shrugged it off as part of the job.   She saw many friends get lost in the deep depressions of post traumatic stress disorder and tried to understand it.  Many were withdrawn, anxious, angry, depressed, and even suicidal.  Most suffered silently for years with these symptoms including herself...


You simply did not talk about it.


Once she returned to civilian life after her enlistments she found it more difficult to deal with the issues that she kept hidden for so long.  Counselors and medications did their best to solve the issues, however she felt lost mentally and physically. That was until she and her husband walked back into a boxing gym and realized it was the perfect outlet to let go of all the issues even if only for 3 minute rounds. She noticed that the changes were immediate. She realized...




This was the beginning of the idea to create a boxing club that will not only provide the community a way to get healthy and learn to box, but most importantly to support the Will of the Warrior program that directly supports the healing, reintegration and education of disabled veterans and disabled first responders that are silently suffering from mental and physical injuries.



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