Fight Team


Fight Team was created to give more advanced boxers the opportunity to put all their hard work to good use.  Focused sparring and  strength and conditioning programs are amped up,  all to prepare them for stepping into the ring ready and confident and exiting the ring graciously, with their heads held high.


For a Jr. Warrior or Defender to qualify for fight team, the boxer must have earned his Level 1 and shown the discipline, courage, and sportsmanship that all warriors must possess.

For an adult to qualify for fight team, the boxer must have discipline, professionalism,  and the skill set to spar and compete while representing Warriors' Call Boxing Club.  

All Fight Team Boxers are required to register with USA Boxing as an Amateur Fighter.  

Ethan and Ty Sparring

Mon - Fri:  6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday:   10am - noon

Sunday:     Closed 

3762 Duss Ave.

Baden, PA 15005



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